First full week of experiments ended successfully! :-)

The lab is rotating a lot faster now!

The lab is rotating a lot faster now!

As you see, we have increased the rotation rate of the tank! From 1 rotation in 50 seconds to now 1 rotation in 30 seconds. Which means that at the edge of the platform, where we get on and off, the difference in speed between the room and the moving platform is 5,6 km/h. For security reasons we don’t have any movies of people getting on or off: people really need to concentrate on where they are going! And even though Elin recently said that we don’t get sick by the rotation of the platform (link), I can say confidently that that doesn’t hold for all of us any more.

But with two days and nights per minute now, it’s not surprising that time flies! Our first full week of experiments is over, and it was quite a success! We’ve been in Grenoble for 1.5 weeks out of our 2 months now, and it’s time for some changes in the team: Elin and I are going to leave for a while (we’ll be back soon!) and Nadine and Lucie will be joined by new team members soon! But of course, we will keep you updated on what is happening here in Grenoble!

For now: Happy weekend, everybody!


Your team in Grenoble — for the first 1.5 weeks: Mirjam, Elin, Lucie and Nadine (from left to right). Photo: Samuel Viboud

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