Burning foam

One weekend, my godson’s family took me to the Explorado Duisburg, Germany’s largest museum for kids. And one thing we learned there was to make foam that you can ignite in your palm! (Although, to be fair, they didn’t tell the kids what they put in, I had to walk up on the stage and ask ;-))

Watch the movie to see how much fun my godson’s mom and I had once the kids were asleep!

Of course we repeated the experiment with the kids the next day, too. So much fun :-)

2 thoughts on “Burning foam

    1. Mirjam

      It’s dish washing liquid in water, and then the gas that you use to refill lighters (not sure how you call it in English?) is released underneath the water’s surface. It gets trapped in bubbles and if you take foam on your hand, you can light it. It gets a little warm, but not dangerously hot (however the flames come up pretty high, so be careful with hair or low-hanging lamps. I don’t think they are in danger, but better safe than sorry).
      I have absolutely no idea how to relate it to the ocean, but it’s so much fun! And I’ll think about it. There must be a way to include it in ocean ed that isn’t too far-fetched ;-)


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