Ice and waves

Waves going through very fresh, still flexible ice. What an exciting topic :-) We had a first look at the picture below in the last blog post already, when we looked at stages of ice formation. Can you see how the pancakes are deformed by waves going through?

It’s a little more difficult to see in the picture below, where a storm drain drips into the fjord. Can you make out how the wave rings are spreading through the thin ice?

And one thing that I found super fascinating was that ducky ice-breaking: You see the open water bit just behind it, and there are a lot of waves. But then you also see those waves spreading into the ice! Poor ducky must have put a lot of energy into this…

My favourite picture, though is the one below: A crisscross of waves and an ice floe that moves (obviously) with both wave fields!

This even works if there is more ice than just one lonely flow:

How awesome is that??? :-)

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