Playing with time lapse

One of my not-so-bright ideas as you’ll see…

Last week we talked about the thought experiment on how all objects have to fall at the same rate. Which is clearly only true in a vacuum, otherwise all those smart innovations like parachutes would be kinda pointless. But today I had just set up my camera to film a time-lapse of a water balloon in which I was going to poke a hole with a needle when it started snowing. So I ended up with a demonstration of things falling at different rates, namely snowflakes in the background and the contents of my water balloon in front.


Exploding water balloon


The point I wanted to make though was a different one. I’ll have to repeat the experiment some other time, when a) I have someone to help me either film or poke the hole, so the main focus isn’t my hands, and b) when I’ve thought it through well enough to be well clear of the open doors of my winter garden. I like water a lot, and I’ve plenty of times joked about how I would like to flood my winter garden for nice experiments, but yeah. In reality I kinda like it to be dry… Anyway, here is the movie for you. Point of this post: Some experiments don’t work out exactly the way as planned. But they are still fun! :-)


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