Simple pendulum

Because physics is everywhere!

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you all had a good break and are excited to start lots of exciting projects in 2015! One project I will definitely continue working on in 2015 is this blog. It is so much fun to notice physics everywhere!

A friend of mine played music in church on New Year’s Eve, and I was sitting on the gallery, listening. And right in front of me, I saw this (and you’ll need to watch closely in order to spot it!):

Yes, the lamp right in front of the gallery is swinging! We of course remember that the period only depends on the acceleration of gravity and the length of the pendulum. So of course the obvious thing to do is to measure the period and from that calculate the height of the ceiling. Right? Right! Hope you’ll all have as much fun in 2015 as me, spotting science everywhere!

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