Set me a challenge: What ocean/climate topic would you like to see a demonstration on?

Really! Let me know what demo you would like to see!

It’s officially almost Christmas and I am sure you are looking forward to a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year’s as much as I am. But do you know what I am most looking forward to? Having the time to play with oceanography-related experiments and demonstrations! I know my family is always happy to play, too, as are many of my friends.

So here is what I would like you to do: Set me a challenge!

What ocean / climate topic would you like to see an experiment or demonstration on? Is there anything you would really like to visualize for your students, kids, friends, but can’t think of how? Let me know in the comments below! And “like” other people’s comments if you want to see the demonstration they suggested! As soon as my break starts, I’ll get myself, family and friends to work on the most popular topic, so I can show you a brand new demonstration by January, 1st, to start off 2015 in style.

Don’t forget to share, so your colleagues and friends also get a say in what demo they would like to see! I’m excited to see what I’ll be working on over the break! :-)

6 thoughts on “Set me a challenge: What ocean/climate topic would you like to see a demonstration on?

  1. Elin Darelius

    Hi, can’t come up with any wishes at the moment – but maybe this should be on your list to santa?
    – or did you already try one out?
    I guess it ought to work just as well with salty water as with alcohol!
    Have a great day – and thanks again for a good blog!


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  3. Geli

    Mensch, was ein Stress ;)
    Ok, my wishes:
    1. a good demo for the Ekman Spiral :)
    2. a visual for why humid air is lighter than dry air
    3. a method to effectively (and efficiently) teach biology students the use of T-S diagrams (ok ok, not really an experiment, would still be grateful for tips…)
    4. a demonstration of western boundary intensification without a rotating tank
    Have fun and enjoy the christmas break!


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