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Walk along the cliffline & beach in Stohl

About a week ago, I went on a lovely walk with my parents, and here are the pictures.

How I love the beach!

As I am looking more at ripples in the sand, I am seeing them everywhere now. Below, we are looking at a little area on the beach (the water would be just outside the top of the picture) and we have two different grains sizes of sand, and remnants of wave ripples. And a pothole forming aroud the stone. Fascinating!

This part of the coast is super interesting anyway, there are so many fossils to be found!

And it really shows the force of the sea, nibbling away at these cliffs.

Even though it looks so calm and peaceful!

I also find it fascinating how there are these different lines on the beach with pebbles of different sizes. Probably left there by storms, or other events with higher water levels. But it looks different every time!

Also fascinating: a ship and lighthouse that seem to be hovering in the air above the horizon. Optics are so much fun!

Kiel is really a great place to live! :-)