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Ship lift Scharnebeck

Today I’m going to share a long movie with you, but I’m planning to talk about ship lifts in more detail soon. But just how awesome is it that they can lift ships (SHIPS!) 40 meters up just like that? Each of the troughs carries 5,800 t water. You see the counterweights move when the troughs move, and it is totally fascinating.

I went there with my parents, but this is pretty much all they saw of me for a very long time :-) Weirdly enough I was the only person standing right at the railing. Well, maybe not so weird considering how wet I got. But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do and I definitely enjoyed watching!

Screen shot 2015-04-11 at 9.55.21 PM


The movie below is sped up by a factor 3.5 because there was so much footage that I wanted to show…