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Tidal currents at Saltstraumen.

Watching the strongest tidal current in the world.

Together with my friend P, I went to see the strongest tidal current in the world more than two years ago. And it only occurred to me last night that I had not shown you the movies! If you ever find yourself close to Bodø, Norway, you should definitely go. And either stay for 6 hours or – as we did – go there, leave to do something else, and come back 6 hours later. Because the currents at Saltstraumen are not only the world’s strongest currents, but they are also reversing with the tide. How amazing is that?

So this is what the current looked like when we first were there at around lunch time:

And this when we came back at 6 pm-ish (and this is filmed from pretty much the exact same spot as the movie above)

And just to confuse you, the same current but the camera moving in the opposite direction:

Look at all those huge whirlpools!