#DropPhotography. Art or physics? Art AND physics!

When I take pictures of drops, they look like the picture below (which I showed in a blogpost yesterday), but I see tons of physics everywhere. Ring-shaped waves! Drops jumping up due to surface tension! Interference pattern of overlapping waves! And much more.

When Wlodek Brühl takes pictures of drops, they look like below. As an artist, to him it’s all about composition and inspiration and expression.

And when we work together, lots of interesting things happen. Do you want to see our art and science collaboration in action? Then come join one of our workshops at Digitale Woche Kiel, both on September 8th, 2019, one at 11-13 and the other at 13:30-15:30. Could you think of anything more inspiring to do on a Sunday? :-)

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