How water changes coast lines

One thing I have been noticing a lot recently is how water changes coastlines (or even just paths in parks).


Not really surprising, considering the enormous amounts of energy stored in waves that are released on the beach every couple of seconds. For example in Hastings, UK, the shape of the beach looked different after every high tide of the three-day mini break we spent there. groynes, built there to prevent erosion of the beach, get buried in pebbles on one side and totally hollowed out on the other side.


Or, looking down towards the water:


And this doesn’t only happen to one particular groyne that was built in a particularly nasty spot, but to every one for miles and miles along the coast line.


This gives the beach a see-saw-like edge:


And this is what it looks like when waves arrive at the beach and meet groynes. Enjoy!

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