Awesome light fixtures – are my favorite, as is – pretty pink lunch box.

Sorry guys, I don’t have the time to come up with great hands-on experiments right now. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to discover (and a lot of haikus to write! Are you getting annoyed yet? ;-)) It’s probably all inspired by the awesome poster Joke gave me of the Climate Change Science 2013: Haiku by Gregory C. Johnson, that is up in my office. So it’s your fault, Joke!

Anyway, today’s blog isn’t about the view from the office, but about my kitchen sink and the awesome chandelier in my kitchen:


It used to be up in my grandma’s living room, and now it’s filing up pretty much the whole volume of my kitchen above 1.70 m. Good thing I’m not tall, and that my friends were used to constantly ducking at my place anyway ;-)

Anyway, as my faucet was dripping (no, it doesn’t do that all the time! Only when the water is heating) into my pretty pink lunch box in the sink (the one with the “little twin stars” on it that I have had since primary school) I saw this:

How pretty is that? And do you see why I had to tell you about the chandelier? Because you can see the individual lights underneath each of the bubbles!

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