Surface tension and office supplies.

Lots of stuff an be made to float on water just because of surface tension.

This morning, I was taking pictures of heaps of waters on coins. I was planning to follow up on that post with pictures of a dome of water on a full mug. So far so good.


Surface tension preventing this over-full mug from overflowing.

Then, I was planning on putting paper clips on top to show how surface tension would keep them afloat.


More surface tension.

Except it DID NOT WORK. Maybe there was dish soap residue in the glass? Maybe I was too clumsy? I have no idea what was wrong. Anyway, I was on the phone with my mom later that day, and within half an hour I had the picture below in my inbox.


Paper clips and other stuff floating on the surface of a mug filled with water. All because of surface tension.

I guess you can make almost anything float on the surface if you put your mind to it… ;-)

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