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Algae as tracers for currents in Parsteiner See

Remember how I described a breeze creating a wave field on Parchsteiner See?

Well, it did not only cause a wave field, it also set up a circulation! Which I might not have noticed, had nit not also started deforming the algae patches! At first, it looked like above, and we could walk into the lake without having to wade into the green, like so.

But then a little later, there were algae everywhere, and you could see the swirls in the current traced out in green! Pretty cool passive current tracer, aren’t they?

GEO-Tag der Natur making waves on Parsteiner See.

Remember I did this for work?

We ended up with pretty cool pictures, like this one:

And as I was standing in the water, guess what I was doing? Taking pictures of the ring waves propagating away from my feet! :D

And I find it so amazing how you can start a wave train moving away from you, and then just have it grow bigger and bigger and completely calm in the middle.

That’s the stuff that makes me happy :-)

One last picture, because it’s just sooooo beautiful!