Who I am.

I am endlessly fascinated by the ocean, how its surface sparkles in the sun, blooms in frost, roars in the storm. Its enormous, seemingly endless extent, its inhospitable, inaccessible regions, its vast, dark depths. How it provides food and jobs and leisure and joy to so many people. How it can shape weather and climate. I want to discover the ocean, understand it, and — most of all — share my fascination.

Who you are.

You are passionately working on your research in ocean and climate sciences, and you would love to share your science with the world. But science communication that would satisfy your quality standard takes more time than you can spend on it right now, and you don’t really know where to start to make it happen anyway.

Here is how I can help you.

Whether you are currently writing a grant proposal and need ideas for the outreach and dissemination section, planning an event like the World Ocean Day or European Researchers’ Night, developing online offers, or are looking for a long-term strategy: I support your science communication at every step of the way.

How we can work together.

Our common goal is to communicate your science the way you ideally would, if you had all the time and skills in the world to do it yourself. In order to achieve that, I need to be immersed into your research and the culture of your group: visit your lab, join your cruise, see your experiments. I need to understand your goals for the science communication, and when you would consider them successfully achieved. Then we come up with ideas together, implement and evaluate them. I support you in writing a proposal funding the science communication work, and project reports narrating our activities. Whether you need a good set of ppt slides, a website or social media communications, a hands-on activity — we are here for you and excited to take part in showing your research to the world.

Get in touch and let’s start brainstorming together!