I am challenging myself to try out new SciComm formats or tools, or old ones in a new way. Because if I don’t try how it feels to use the formats, how will I know if they are a good fit for me, or if I can recommend them to someone else?

Posts that showcase results of that challenge are tagged #SciCommChall. Do you want to join me? I’d love some company!

This is some of what I have done since I started challenging myself in this way in August 2017. This list isn’t being updated any more.

03.2018 – try out Instagram
12.2017 – Illustrate a book for children
11.2017 – Draw my CV (and post it online!)
10.2017 – Host an #AskMeAnything event
10.2017 – Explore the concept of “grubletegninger” (“sketches to ponder”)
09.2017 – Create a short movie shot with and edited on my mobile phone
09.2017 – Run a booth at a Science Fair — European Researchers’ Night
08.2017 – Write a poem about climate change #SciPoem
08.2017 – Write a poem about a scientific article #SciPoem
08.2017 – Use the #COMPASSMessageBox