Selected outreach activities:


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Guest blogging for example at EGU’s GeoEd (11.201501.201602.201603.2016)

Teacher / instructor / outreach training

For example

  • Lotseninsel (2017)
    Teacher training on issues the Baltic Sea (see blogposts here)
  • EMSEA14 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (2014)
    Three workshops on “Conducting tank experiments in a conventional classroom” to empower marine science educators to use experiments in their teaching, together with Kristin Richter
    Blog posts on EMSEA14 here.
  • “Teaching Oceanography” workshop in San Francisco, USA (2013)
    Presentation on the melting ice cube experiment and on different ways to use it in outreach and teaching.

Workshops for children and young adults

for example

  • Expeditionslernen (2017). Blog posts here.
  • Workshop MeerKlima (2017). Blogposts here.
  • 1. Forscherfreizeit Ratzeburg in Ratzeburg (2015), Germany
    8-day summer camp for teenage pupils on understanding the ocean and also on sailing, canoeing, swimming and classical summer holidays. Blog posts here.
  • Deutsche JuniorAkademie in Bad Bederkesa (2014), Germany
    9-day summer camp for teenage pupils on oceanography.
    Blog posts on JuniorAkademie here.
  • On becoming an oceanographer Skeisvang videregående skole, Haugesund, Norway (2013)
    Tank experiments + presentation for a geofag2 class visiting the University of Bergen as part of their career counseling.
  • Currents in the Atlantic Ocean Olsvikåsen vidergående skole, Bergen, Norway (2012)
    Tank experiments + presentation for pupils working on a one-year oceanography project
  • Ocean and climate Primary school ”Strenge”, Hamburg, Germany (2012)
    Three separate presentations and demonstrations of tank experiments to school children, aged 7-10.

Mentoring, in person and online

In addition to personal contacts at my current and former work places, for example via